"I'm Heather"

I was 17 when my HS symptoms first developed as a dark red lump on my inner thigh. My doctor at the time had no idea what it was, so he gave me a topical ointment which did nothing. It took 7 years for another family doctor to properly diagnose me.


"I'm Geir"

I was 15 when my symptoms started, and it took 2 years before a Plastic surgeon diagnosed me. A few years back, I had to quit my job at a poultry plant after 13 years because HS prevented me from having a physically demanding job. In addition, I was burned out from being in pain 24-7.


"I'm Carla"

The pain from HS I’d describe as severe. I take ibuprofen and it eases the pain off a little, but with the constant burning, it really doesn’t help it at all. There are several challenges I’ve encountered living with HS. I don’t have much of a social life and definitely not having a relationship. The constant pain, drainage, and odor cause me not to date at all.


“I had large bumps on my groin area. At first, I thought they were pimples until they started getting really big, painful… I knew it wasn’t an STD because I was a virgin but I was too embarrassed to ask for help.”

“I do get periods when I feel like an alien or freak when I get a boil in the groin or bottom region. I feel like of all the things, why me?”

“I’m 40 and I feel like I’m untouchable. I don’t go out. I don’t date because I don’t feel comfortable. It’s disgusting.”


“I don’t think any one of us here likes the fact that we live with HS – so why would anyone else?”

“It makes me feel good to be here and be around other people who know what I’m going through.”

“People actually listen to me when I describe what’s happening.”

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