"I'm Adria"

I was 8 when my symptoms started, and it took another 10 years to receive my HS Diagnosis from a Primary care physician. Currently, I’m a registered nurse and have worked doing bedside care for 11 years before obtaining a position in information systems.


"I'm Jasmine"

I am a Nurse and have been for 12 years, but HS disease has affected the field that I am employed in.  Psychiatric nursing was my passion and I excelled with that population, as well as medically fragile patients. I cannot physically endure caring for them full time though due to pain from flares or areas where I’ve had surgical procedures in the past.  Now I stick with office nursing jobs.


"I'm Marie"

I was 14 when my symptoms started, and it took years to get a proper diagnosis from my primary Doctor. I have found I don’t need a dermatologist because all they want to do is cut the lesions open. If they get infected and need to be opened, that’s different story.


“I had large bumps on my groin area. At first, I thought they were pimples until they started getting really big, painful… I knew it wasn’t an STD because I was a virgin but I was too embarrassed to ask for help.”

“I do get periods when I feel like an alien or freak when I get a boil in the groin or bottom region. I feel like of all the things, why me?”

“I’m 40 and I feel like I’m untouchable. I don’t go out. I don’t date because I don’t feel comfortable. It’s disgusting.”


“I don’t think any one of us here likes the fact that we live with HS – so why would anyone else?”

“It makes me feel good to be here and be around other people who know what I’m going through.”

“People actually listen to me when I describe what’s happening.”

Sharing experiences and stories helps.  We’re Listening. Every Voice Matters.


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