Hello everyone! My name is Eleda and I’m a 27 year old woman with a condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa [or HS]. This disorder had left me feeling like I didn’t want to ever do anything because I was always in pain.

This is my story….

I was 17 when my symptoms started, but it took another 6 years to get my proper diagnosis from a doctor at a family practice. She was an amazing doctor who knew what it was at first sight. I work in Human Resources, and for a while HS affected my ability to do my job. I was unable to move my arms without pain. I could barely get myself dressed for work or move my computer mouse because of the pain. It would cause tingling in my arms from pressing on nerves. I’m happy to say though, that is no longer the case!

The pain from HS is Horrid. It’s by far the worst I’ve ever experienced in my life. I would describe it like someone trying to pack a handful of cotton under my thin skin and then closing it once it was overfilled. At my worst, I became self-conscious of the odor coming from the lesions and stopped wearing anything with my arms out.

There are 3 stages involved with HS, and before going into remission I was in stage 2. I put myself in remission by using Manuka Honey I bought it at a natural grocery store. After two days it opened and drained one. It’s a natural honey that works best if it is rubbed on a gauze pad and placed on the lesion. I also stopped eating tomatoes and I now only use aluminum free deodorant.

When aluminum is in the deodorant it sticks to your skin. So when you have a flare up and it is open, the aluminum can get inside of that flare up and cause an infection or more pain. Ever since I stopped using deodorant with aluminum it has helped and it even aids in helping the healing process if I feel a flare-up might be coming.

A wish I’d grant to someone newly diagnosed with the condition would be have the ability to do lots of research and never give up hope.

I didn’t.

My life has turned completely around now that I don’t have flare ups anymore.



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