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"I'm Heather"

I was 17 when my HS symptoms first developed as a dark red lump on my inner thigh. My doctor at the time had no idea what it was, so he gave me a topical ointment which did nothing. It took 7 years for another family doctor to properly diagnose me.

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"I'm Geir"

I was 15 when my symptoms started, and it took 2 years before a Plastic surgeon diagnosed me. A few years back, I had to quit my job at a poultry plant after 13 years because HS prevented me from having a physically demanding job. In addition, I was burned out from being in pain 24-7.

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"I'm Carla"

The pain from HS I’d describe as severe. I take ibuprofen and it eases the pain off a little, but with the constant burning, it really doesn’t help it at all. There are several challenges I’ve encountered living with HS. I don’t have much of a social life and definitely not having a relationship. The constant pain, drainage, and odor cause me not to date at all.

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"I'm Rebecca"

Before I knew I had HS, I’d arrive in hospital and have my “boils” lanced and packed, resulting in missed work and a long healing process. The pain from HS Disease I’d say was agony; it’s the kind that stops you dead in your tracks. There is also the constant worry when you have an active sore of what happens if it breaks and blood is everywhere? I’ve been in that position and it was taxing, to say the least.

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"I'm Eleda"

I was 17 when my symptoms started, but it took another 6 years to get my proper diagnosis from a doctor at a family practice. She was an amazing doctor who knew what it was at first sight. I work in Human Resources, and for a while HS affected my ability to do my job. I was unable to move my arms without pain. I could barely get myself dressed for work or move my computer mouse because of the pain. It would cause tingling in my arms from pressing on nerves. I’m happy to say though, that is no longer the case!

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"I'm Cara"

I’d describe the pain from HS like a needle puncturing your skin from the inside out. It’s always there but movement makes it worse and more uncomfortable. It’s the type of pain where you could just lay down all day with ice packs.

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"I'm Cathy"

Hello, I’m Cathy and I’m a 50 year old woman with HS disease. It’s difficult to go to the beach or pool as I need to get out right away, dry off and change immediately. Since I cover my wounds with gauze and tape, it’s not an easy task.

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"I'm Bryan"

Hello, my name is Bryan and I am a 40 year old male with HS disease. The pain, anxiety, fear, depression, disgust, and anger from HS all work against me daily, but I have been able to hold on so far!

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"I'm Amanda"

I was 23 when my symptoms started, and I received my diagnosis pretty quickly since I already had a good relationship with my dermatologist. I had cystic acne that I had almost cleared up with Accutane before my HS started.

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